Day 39, Large Water Vessel

Large Watter Vessel
The bottom of the jug is glazed with art deco green. The top is mocha with add lines of paprika and added crystals .
Water Vessel
Art Deco Green with Mocha and Paprika . Green reactive crystals.

Sometimes you just have to keep working on a piece until you get a desired shape.

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Day 15 Large Ice Cream Vase

Ice Cream shaped Vase
Large Vase shaped like an Ice Cream Bowl

Large ice cream bowl shaped vase. I was really trying for a differant look, however the clay had another idea. ┬áSometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you had planned.

Today was a busy day, went to the gym and worked out ran errands and got home pretty late to be spending much time in the pottery studio.
After taking the day off yesterday to visit and hang with friends during the Super Bowl, it takes awhile to get back into the swing of it all.
We are heading up to the park tomorrow to do a little snowshoeing. We shall see how well that goes. Will I still feel like coming home and spending time in the pottery studio?

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Day 13,

Large Pedestal Vase
Large Pedestal Vase

I love have all the differant styles of vases in the house. Each one is unique and lend toward a differant kind of flowers.

When I am throwing a piece, it doesn’t always turn out the way I would like it to. The clay seems to have a mind of it’s own. I haven’t gotten so experienced that I sit down and throw a perfect piece each time either. I enjoy it just the same though. To me the fun of being in the studio, is not producing the exact piece I set out to make, but to relax and enjoy the creation of art. Each one is special unique. It is the taking a chunk of clay and molding it into something. It is the journey not the destination.

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