Mission Statement

I got up this morning and couldn’t get that pottery tureen out of my head. Just had to put on a big pot of soup for dinner tonight.
My objective for the day was to sit down and write out my mission statement. Not sure if I am writing a statement for just my business goals or if it should be my personel life goals.  I came up with three versions I kinda like them all. How do you summerize your life in just a couple statements. What do you think?

I have an adventurous attitude with an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to work hard to acheive my goals of restoring my websites, finishing my degree and spending more time on my creative side. I am committed to the process and willing to go beyond my comfort zone to acheive these goals and obtain creative possibilities.


My mission is to undertake new experiences with optimism and a positive attitude towards learning new skills. Work hard to acheive my goals of creating a business that can be handed down through the family. Promoting my business to its fullest potential.


My mission is to express my high motivation, creativity and passion for helping others by being able to adventure out of my comfort zone, come up with solutions to the everyday problems of those around me. To remain optimistic in the face of difficult times and realize that time spent with family and friends is more important than money.


I do get distracted by the beautiful day we are having today.  It snowed so much yesterday and during the night that the trees are heavy. The sun is out and everything shines.
I am off to take a few videos of the snow falling from the trees. Get a few photos and then spend some time in the pottery studio.

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