Leave Behind

Worked more on my leave behind mugs today. I tried stamping a couple didn’t seem to work the first time around, the clay was too thin on the bottoms of the mugs. The stamp wants to go right through. Have an idea of making standout design. Not sure how that will go. Maybe the glaze stamp will end up being the way to go.

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Leave Behind

I have decided to make coffee mugs for my leave behind. I ordered pottery stamps with my logo on them and will stamp each mug.

Today I started making the mugs. I threw six, they are drying and tomorrow they will be dry enough to put the handles on and maybe stamp each one without causing any misshaping. You have to catch the clay at just the right time for stamping and handling. They call it leather hard. Still wet enough to attach the handle, but sturdy enough to touch without causing any problems.

I also printed out my blurb book, needed to replace two of the images because they were blurry. When I took the screen shots of the computer for my responsive spred, I did not save it at a high enough resolution.

Reprinted my finished business card also.

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Day 40, Wrap it Up

I am wrapping up the 40 Day pottery challenge. It was quite a feet. Spending everyday in the pottery studio. I did get a lot accomplished, over 50 new pieces made. I did not get them all glazed, however I do have a sizeable amount to keep company busy when visiting this year.
It never fails that guests show up wanting to paint pottery and have it ready to go home with them in a few days.

As you now know, it takes at least two weeks to make, dry, bisque, glazed and fire. And that is if everything goes as planned. So it’s nice to have a bit ¬†on hand for those suprise visitors.


Pottery Coffee Mugs
You can never have too many coffee mugs.
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Day 28, Two Mugs

Throwing two mugs
Two mugs in the making,

While waiting on the kiln to cool. I put myself to work making a couple of coffee mugs. We don’t mess around here when it comes to our coffee. We both like to have a good 16 oz, cup full. They also make for nice beer steins. You can place your pottery mugs in the freezer and they will keep your cold drinks cold for along time.

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