Day 30. Destiny Helped with Pottery

Today my granddaughter Destiny came over and helped glaze up some pottery. She needed to finish some of hers, and get them packed up to take back to Kentucky with her.
Of course just glazing a few does not work, we needed to spend the entire day glazing enough to fill the kiln. It takes quite a bit of electricity to fire, so you don’t want to waste it. About 24 hours from start to finish.

Destiny Glazing a plate for Mom
Destiny glazing up a plate to take to her mom,
Finished bowl.
Destiny’s Finished Bowl, she threw it and glazed it. Good Job Destiny
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Day 18, Bowl on Wheel Video

Creating a large serving bowl on the wheel is quite the challenge. Starting with a 4.11 lb block of clay and creating something so perfectly centered.
The thickness is consistent throughout the piece. I am using a stoneware clay body with slightly less grit. It is a lot easier on the hands when muscling the clay into shape.

4lb blosk of  Stoneware Clay
4lb blosk of Stoneware Clay



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