Day 24 Glazing

Today we glazed a few of our beginning pieces. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. You are never quite sure how it will look. It kinda like Christmas everytime you open the kiln. You have an idea of what the glaze will look like, however every little condition, such as the moisture in the clay or glaze, what type of clay the glaze is on and what chemicals are in the glazes of the pieces setting next to it in the kiln. All these can make subtle changes to how the colors will turn out.

Glazed pottery Plate
Glazed with three coats of Ancient Jasper and one coat of see through celedon blue over the center piece.
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Textured Plate, Day 5

Day five of my 40 day pottery challenge. The day started out a little busy. We had ordered a new mattress for our king size bed. It was delivered the yesterday, we opened it and let it reinflate itself. Being a memory foam mattress they squish them into one large box. You remove it from the box and let it regain it’s shape.
This morning we removed our old mattress and the two of us juggled the two mattresses around and now we have the new one on the bed and they old memory foam mattress on the flour in the living room.
Did I happen to mention that our bedroom and living room are both on the second flour.
Quite the process to go through for a new bed.

Then it was off to the pottery studio to see what I could get done before heading off to class at 11 oclock.  I did by the way get a textured plate made. I hand threw a slab by flipping it over and over, stretching the clay untill it reached the desired thickness and shape. At this point I rolled a texture into it using sample sheets of wall paper. Then using a mold I formed the desired shape. Let it get leather hard during the day and viola!! I have a plate.

Becca holding Textured Plate from Slab
Plate made from slab using embossed wall paper.



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