Day 39, Large Water Vessel

Large Watter Vessel
The bottom of the jug is glazed with art deco green. The top is mocha with add lines of paprika and added crystals .
Water Vessel
Art Deco Green with Mocha and Paprika . Green reactive crystals.

Sometimes you just have to keep working on a piece until you get a desired shape.

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Day 23, Large Water Vessel

Being in the pottery studio everyday makes you want to create something totally our of the ordinary. Steven, my husband would just as soon make mugs and bowls, (being more on the practical side of life). I on the other hand have to try something that I have never tried before. Some would say that is a little restless. Always looking for something new. I suppose so. Just like going back to school at the ripe old age of 58. Studying the arts.
I love making and creating new things. Today’s assignment to myself was to go big and make it unusual.

Large Water Vessel
A project in the making. Think maybe I will put some handles on it and see how it turns out.
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