Grand Canyon Skywalk

I made it to the Grand Canyon and walked out onto the Skywalk at the West Rim. Owned and managed by the Hualapai Tribe and located on tribal lands, consists of a horseshoe shaped steel frame with glass floor and sides that projects about 70 feet (21 m) from the canyon rim. I thought it would be a bit more intimidating than it was, however the sights were indeed fabulous. I am not one for heights, but I did manage to walk around and get some good photos just fine. We also hiked the Guano Point trail at Grand Canyon West! Getting site of the Grand Canyon as close as can be atop an old Guano Mine. Guests can hike the side trail to the mine or they can go up and over the rocky hill and see the spectacular sights. All in all we had a great time, visiting with friends and just relaxing.

Grand Canyon Shywalk
Rita and I on the Skywalk


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