Day 39, Large Water Vessel

Large Watter Vessel
The bottom of the jug is glazed with art deco green. The top is mocha with add lines of paprika and added crystals .
Water Vessel
Art Deco Green with Mocha and Paprika . Green reactive crystals.

Sometimes you just have to keep working on a piece until you get a desired shape.

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Day 33, Glazing and Loading the Kiln

As my 40 days of pottery is coming to an end. We are busy firing up all that has been made and glazing them. We will not get them all glazed and posted before the end. However you can see that we were pretty busy and have accomplished quite a bit in the 40 days.

Glazing the Boot
Putting the finishing touches on the boot plate.
Loading the Kiln
Loading the kiln for a bisque firing.
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