Day 40, Wrap it Up

I am wrapping up the 40 Day pottery challenge. It was quite a feet. Spending everyday in the pottery studio. I did get a lot accomplished, over 50 new pieces made. I did not get them all glazed, however I do have a sizeable amount to keep company busy when visiting this year.
It never fails that guests show up wanting to paint pottery and have it ready to go home with them in a few days.

As you now know, it takes at least two weeks to make, dry, bisque, glazed and fire. And that is if everything goes as planned. So it’s nice to have a bit  on hand for those suprise visitors.


Pottery Coffee Mugs
You can never have too many coffee mugs.
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Day 39, Large Water Vessel

Large Watter Vessel
The bottom of the jug is glazed with art deco green. The top is mocha with add lines of paprika and added crystals .
Water Vessel
Art Deco Green with Mocha and Paprika . Green reactive crystals.

Sometimes you just have to keep working on a piece until you get a desired shape.

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Day 37, Unloading the Kiln

Bird Feeder
Just the right size for the little chickadees.

I know it looks a bit odd. But looking interesting is what this life is all about.  How do we really know what the birds like if we don’t give it a try.
The piece is solid with plenty of overhang to keep the rain from coming in.
Lots of room for a few birds at a time and glazed with earthy tones that just might attract them to it.

Inside of the Bird Feeder
Solid, not too slippery and glazed with earthy colors.
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Day 34, Glazed Horse Plate

Picture of the finished glazed piece. A textured plate with a horse embossed in the center. It’s a pretty good sized platter. Well suited for serving cake and cookies on. Ok it would do just a well with crackers and cheese, or a nice fruit plate.
The ends of the plate as you can see, curled a bit in the drying process.
Not quite the flat plate I started out to get. It justs adds to the character of the piece.

Glazed Horse Platter
Glazed with Ancient Jasper and a coat of Celedon Sky blue over the top.

I do have to admit, I did not spend all day in the pottery. We glazed up a few so we can fire the klin again and I baked a cake. Have you ever heard of Herman. Well he is a sour dough starter that you keep in the refrigerator growing. You feed him every five days, and you use him to make wonderful cakes, breads and cookies. Today we made cake.

Herman Bundt Cake
Cake made from a Herman sour dough starter.
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Day 31, Cake Serving Plate and Crystal Glaze

Today was another good day, started out with a good workout this morning. Then home to play in the pottery studio. Missing my Granddaughter already. Put her on a plane home to Kentucky. Was nice having her around for awhile.
Threw a cake plate today. Started out with 5 pounds of clay, so it ended up pretty good size.

Cake Plate
Freshly thrown cake plate.
Crystal Glazed Plate
Plate Glazed with crystals added in.

My girlfriend Mimi came over and tried her hand at glazing a few pieces of pottery. She is pretty anxious to see how they turn out.

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Day 30. Destiny Helped with Pottery

Today my granddaughter Destiny came over and helped glaze up some pottery. She needed to finish some of hers, and get them packed up to take back to Kentucky with her.
Of course just glazing a few does not work, we needed to spend the entire day glazing enough to fill the kiln. It takes quite a bit of electricity to fire, so you don’t want to waste it. About 24 hours from start to finish.

Destiny Glazing a plate for Mom
Destiny glazing up a plate to take to her mom,
Finished bowl.
Destiny’s Finished Bowl, she threw it and glazed it. Good Job Destiny
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