February – Icy Snowy Winter

Wow it’s February the romance month. It’s been a cold one around here, the snowiest winter in a long time. We have four foot high berms all along the driveway where the plow has thrown the snow. And for the past two days it has been sunny and warming, the driveway has turned to¬†an ice rink. We have half a mile of solid wet ice to get to the road, a slippery mess for sure.


Ice Driveway
Snowiest Winter

We tried our hand at brewing a little pale ale this year. It was ready for tasting just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. I believe that Steven added a little bit too much sugar to the recipe. We ended up with fountain beer. The only way to drink this, was to set the bottle in a larger container before popping the top.


Pale Ale
Making Pale Ale for Super Bowl
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