Day 3 on my 40 Days of Pottery Challenge

Becca centering the clay for a large bowl.
Becca centering the clay.

It was a late day in the pottery studio today.

Started out by going for my workout this morning and running errands after that.

Then it is home and a bit of house cleaning, by the time I made it out to the studio it was already 5:00.

You can’t just go out and throw a piece, it all begins with checking on yesterday’s pottery. Cutting from the bat again and moving them to a wooden bat to finish the drying. Any small imperfections can be worked on now that they are leather hard.

Finally I can sit down and throw. Today’s project was to throw a larger than soup bowl. Starting with a three and half pound piece of clay.

Throwing a large flanged edge bowl on the wheel.
Larger Flanged Edge Bowl





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