Day 25, Handled Them

Snake handles on the Water Vessel
Put handles on the large water vessel and carved them to look like snakes.

When finishing the pot, it reminded me off something you would see in India or someplace like that. The idea of snakes coming out of the top seemed to fit pretty nice. It added a layer of intrique to the vessel. It’s a large pot made of terracota clay. The darker clay will make it a little bit more interesting when it comes time to glaze.


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Day 19, Carving Day

Carving the bottom of the Ice Cream Vase
Carving the bottom of the Ice Cream Vase

Busy day in the pottery today. I am making a large bottle neck vessel. It is taking a bit longer than I thought it would. I have spent a couple of days on it now, putting the pieces together and letting them dry enough to work and add more without it collapsing.
Between working on that off and on I spent time carving the bottoms of the vases and bowls that had been made in the previous days.

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Day 7, Circle Vase,

Basic Cylinder Vase with Pedestal.
Cylinder Vase with Pedestal

I’m getting excited to have these last 7 pottery piece get dry enough, so that they can be bisque fired. This time of year it usually takes about a week to have them dry completely.

I did a bit of carving on the ice cream sundae dish today. Using blue underglaze, I covered it partially and carved out a wispy design. Once it has been bisqued, I can finish the glazing and clear coat of the underglazed area, leaving a bright blue color showing through the pattern.

Carved and underglazed
Blue underglaze with design carved in.
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