Day 33, Glazing and Loading the Kiln

As my 40 days of pottery is coming to an end. We are busy firing up all that has been made and glazing them. We will not get them all glazed and posted before the end. However you can see that we were pretty busy and have accomplished quite a bit in the 40 days.

Glazing the Boot
Putting the finishing touches on the boot plate.
Loading the Kiln
Loading the kiln for a bisque firing.
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Day 16, Boot Plate

Decorative Boot Plate
Decorative Serving Plate with Cowboys carved into it.

Always room for another cookie plate around the house. Our dinner table has become a piece of art in itself. No two pieces are the same. Each person has their own setting with their own special style. I love when company comes to dinner and the table it decorated with pottery. It’s not just for decoration at our house though. Every piece is used and used again. I feel the pride of being able to use my art for practical as well as the WOW factor in the house.
The yard is also full of reject pieces of pottery. We have a pottery garden, using it as planters when we get one with a large enough crack. The succulents in the garden area love growing in them. We build pottery bird baths by stacking broken pieces together and using silicone to hold them. Brightly glazed pottery adorns our gates and welcomes visitors to our home.


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