Leave Behind

I have decided to make coffee mugs for my leave behind. I ordered pottery stamps with my logo on them and will stamp each mug.

Today I started making the mugs. I threw six, they are drying and tomorrow they will be dry enough to put the handles on and maybe stamp each one without causing any misshaping. You have to catch the clay at just the right time for stamping and handling. They call it leather hard. Still wet enough to attach the handle, but sturdy enough to touch without causing any problems.

I also printed out my blurb book, needed to replace two of the images because they were blurry. When I took the screen shots of the computer for my responsive spred, I did not save it at a high enough resolution.

Reprinted my finished business card also.

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Blurb Book

I have finished with the layout of my Blurb book now. Saved all to pdf files for printing. I did not get all I had hoped into the book. However I feel it is a pretty good representation of my work. Created the Cover for the book also. Not sure what all it needs. I did not put in any copyright info or authoring information. My name and logo appear on the cover.

Becca Blurb Cover
Cover of the Blurb Book


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Blurb Book Plan

Blurb Book Plan
Website view of my 40 day challenge.

My plan is start with two pages of full bleed photos. Continue on with a spread of scenery, one of animal, one of flowers, and then move on to the pottery section. Have two pages here on Web Design and a spread of videos and with a transition page into the Graphic Design section.

Starting strong with the photos and ending with the Graphic Design and logo section. I want to try and lay out the book so the photo section is seperated from the rest. Maybe with a flip of the book.

The beginning of the plan starts with placing all images into a mockup or layed out in the right order.

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