The grass is growing and it’s time to break out the lawn mower for the year. Didn’t have to worry too much about grass the last couple of years, since we had the geese that would eat it down. No geese this year. Going for baby chicks instead. It’s time to replenish our laying hens. This year was a tough one on the hens, for some reason they just did not fair all that well. They went into their yearly molt and only half of them really started laying again. Getting old I suppose. Hope to keep 9 Black Star and one Anaconda for new laying hens. Also will raise up 20 more chickens for eating.

We have just received photos of the Grand daughters getting ready for their proms and military balls with their young men, they look so grownup and beautiful. Time goes by so fast. I didn’t think we were getting that old. We are lucky and blessed to have healthy grandkids, so proud of all three.

Destiny and Shyanna
Ready for the Miliary Ball


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Fishercap Lake In Glacier National Park

Howdy all you fine folks. Becca and I planted Dahlia tubers that we dug up last year. We have never gotten any of our dahlias to bloom a second year before. I’m hoping this will be the year. We have friends that have a pretty good size dahlia garden. They store their tubers and take care not to let them get moldy or dry up during the winter. This year we really tried to keep ours good. We shall see.
It sure is a nice time of year, all the new flowers blooming and so many trees in full flower. Love it, Love it!

Wow, we just had a huge thunderstorm blow over. The first good one of the season. We like to sit on the deck, under the roof and watch as the lightning lights up the mountains surrounding us. Sure did make my dog nervous. All is fine now. Tomorrow I’ll check out my driveway. It may have a big washout where all that rain water rushes down and out to the road.

It’s that time of year, the crews are working hard to clear the snow from the Going To The Sun road in Glacier National Park. I don’t think I have ever seen that big of a snow plow before, it is huge. Pretty amazing that they can drive that small road with those big rigs and clear that much snow. The snowpack over the winter gets pretty deep up there. Looking at the pictures you can’t tell where the road is suppose to be. They have the east side of the park going to Many Glacier, clear and you can get into a few more places over there. The west side is closed just beyond McDonald Lake.

This week we have photos of Fishercap Lake in the Many Glacier Area.

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Grand Canyon Skywalk

I made it to the Grand Canyon and walked out onto the Skywalk at the West Rim. Owned and managed by the Hualapai Tribe and located on tribal lands, consists of a horseshoe shaped steel frame with glass floor and sides that projects about 70 feet (21 m) from the canyon rim. I thought it would be a bit more intimidating than it was, however the sights were indeed fabulous. I am not one for heights, but I did manage to walk around and get some good photos just fine. We also hiked the Guano Point trail at Grand Canyon West! Getting site of the Grand Canyon as close as can be atop an old Guano Mine. Guests can hike the side trail to the mine or they can go up and over the rocky hill and see the spectacular sights. All in all we had a great time, visiting with friends and just relaxing.

Grand Canyon Shywalk
Rita and I on the Skywalk


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Another Beautiful Day

Sunny Spring Day

April Fools Day, how many dentists does it take to fix a toothache.
No joke folks, this week has been quite the ordeal for Steven. A while back he went in to get his checkup at the dentist. Was told that he had a cavity in a tooth that needed a crown. No problem, we call the laser dentist to put the crown on and he does the crown, but notices that the tooth above the new crown is the tooth giving Steven the pain. After checking it out more, sends him over to the root canal dentist and he gets a root canal to permanently fix the problem. After getting a shot of Novocaine, Steven is still in pain, dentist looks around more and tells him that the tooth next to the crowned tooth earlier-repaired is failing and will need to be repaired. So one crown and one root canal done and waiting for the third tooth to get fixed and still in pain.
What a drag!!!
He was given instructions to use Tylenol and Ibuprofen for the pain. It don’t work, now he can’t sleep and the only relief comes from up and moving around, must be a blood flow thing. Whenever he sits still for any length of time the pain comes back big-time. Perhaps another root canal on Monday will fix it.

Spring fever is getting the best of us. We have been preparing the garden, working around the place getting ready for those sunny summer days. Becca is going to take a little trip with a girlfriend. They fly into Vegas, see a show and then take a tour to the Grand Canyon. Should be nice weather for the trip.

Living in NW Montana has many opportunities for adventures year round. However, it sometimes takes an imagination to keep the ideas flowing. Even though the weather usually gets warmer this time of year, we can have unexpected weather changes throughout the day. For example, yesterday, in the morning we had a few inches of snow, and by afternoon it was clear, cold and sunny with green grass again.
I would encourage you to look beyond your backyard this spring. The world is full of amazing places to be explored, not just in the mountains as a hiker, but also in the towns and surrounding areas. It’s nice to get out and about.
A couple of simple tips when planning an outdoor activity in the spring around Montana would be…Soak up every moment of sunshine you can, but also, remember that it still can give you a sunburn when it is cool out. Make sure to have along a big hat and proper sun protection.

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Spring is Here

I was awaken by the sound of birds singing this morning. It’s funny how  people have such a completely differant reaction to this event. I was telling my neighbor how excited I was too hear the birds again. Her response was how annoyed she was at all the noise they were making.

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Glacier Park, Spring is Coming

McDonald Lake in March
Lake McDonald in March the snow is melting.

It’s melting, melting, melting, spring is on it’s way.

About this time of year I get pretty anxious for spring, the flowers and the birds. Snow is still plentiful up in the park, however you can see signs of the big melt down. It won’t be long and we will be heading up for a little hiking without our snowshoes.  The road is not usually open all the way until sometime in June. Hopefully this year will be an early one.

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Mission Statement

I got up this morning and couldn’t get that pottery tureen out of my head. Just had to put on a big pot of soup for dinner tonight.
My objective for the day was to sit down and write out my mission statement. Not sure if I am writing a statement for just my business goals or if it should be my personel life goals.  I came up with three versions I kinda like them all. How do you summerize your life in just a couple statements. What do you think?

I have an adventurous attitude with an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to work hard to acheive my goals of restoring my websites, finishing my degree and spending more time on my creative side. I am committed to the process and willing to go beyond my comfort zone to acheive these goals and obtain creative possibilities.


My mission is to undertake new experiences with optimism and a positive attitude towards learning new skills. Work hard to acheive my goals of creating a business that can be handed down through the family. Promoting my business to its fullest potential.


My mission is to express my high motivation, creativity and passion for helping others by being able to adventure out of my comfort zone, come up with solutions to the everyday problems of those around me. To remain optimistic in the face of difficult times and realize that time spent with family and friends is more important than money.


I do get distracted by the beautiful day we are having today.  It snowed so much yesterday and during the night that the trees are heavy. The sun is out and everything shines.
I am off to take a few videos of the snow falling from the trees. Get a few photos and then spend some time in the pottery studio.

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