About Montana Girl

I grew up on a farm in Washington State. My father worked as a bridge builder by day and came home and milked the cow along with all the other chores to be done.

Becca Age 2

My mom was the ideal mother. She raised 7 seven kids of her own, and numerous foster children. She baked bread and cookies, churned butter and collected the eggs. She was my hero.

Mom and Becca 2012
Mom and Becca

I met my husband while in the my freshman year of high school. He is my BFF and the love of my life. Someone who has my back no matter what.

Steven and Becca at the beach of McDonald Lake
Steven and Becca In Glacier National Park

24 years ago we moved to the northwestern part of Montana. It was a bit of a shock for the kids, at that time they were in their high school years.  Life was quite a change from the Washington life we had been living. Now we are on 20 acres next to the greatest National Park there is. We love hiking in the park, the frequent visits from whitetail deer and elk, and the occasional moose.

Our kids left home for college, met their partners and started their lives. We have three wonderful Grandkids and one great granddaughter. Our lives are rich with family and friends.

Grandson Coltin and his Wife Veronica
Grandson Coltin and his Wife Veronica
Our Son Brandon and His Wife Nik
Our Son Brandon and His Wife Nik






Coltin and Samantha
Grandson Coltin and Great Granddaughter Samantha
Kate and the girls 2014 March
Daughter Katie with Granddaughters Destiny and Shyanna