Betty Jo Malone and her Dahlias

I have a girl friend that grows the most beautiful dahlia garden. We were invited over to share in the beauty and take a few photos.  The day was sunny with just a slight breeze. Makes it a bit harder to get the perfect shots when the flowers will not stand still. There were dinner plate sized flowers all the way down to what they call the u2, which is a tiny flower under 2 inches.

We have several shows here in the valley each year, where they compete for different categories. You can enter an individual flower that you have grown or a flower arrangement. The emphasis for the arrangements is how unique you can make them, and what themes you can come up with. This year she borrowed a few of our pottery pieces to incorporate into the arrangements, hoping to win the ribbon.

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1 thought on “Betty Jo Malone and her Dahlias”

  1. This made my heart happy! My Momma and Daddy had a dahlia farm when I was a child back in the 1940’s. Brought back beautiful memories!! 💞 love your site!!

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