Salsa, Chickens and Thermopolis

We love our salsa, the flavor is wonderful. Becca likes to add smoked-paprika and plenty of different kinds of peppers.
She will put-up 40 or so quarts this year, we add salsa into much of our cooking throughout the year. Yukon Gold Potatoes, we grew a bunch this year, they’re big and they’re delicious. Just about wore me out with all the scrubbing though. This year the entire garden did great. We have been working the same garden spot for many years. Weeding has become easier by never letting any weeds go to seed. So that part was a breeze. Our apple trees are the last to ripen and they are looking good. The apples seem just about ripe, but I’m not sure how to tell for sure. Something about the seeds turn black maybe. I think we’re just days away from fresh apple pie. Oh Yes, Apple Pie!

The chickens are growing nicely, we plan to keep 10 hens and have enough eggs to supply us and another family. That leaves about 20 extra chickens for the freezer. We let the chickens roam around in an acre we have fenced and feed them all our extra zucchini and fruit that grows here. I don’t know if it makes the meat sweeter or the eggs sweeter or just happier chickens.

cloudsand-fieldsMy sister is coming for a visit, so we made up some nice pottery pieces for us to paint while she’s here. Gonna be a Hoot! She likes to come over and spend the week in the pottery studio painting, makes it one relaxing week for all. Becca is then heading out for Thermopolis Wyoming the next week to visit the hot springs there and hike around the petroglyphs in their state park, then on to Colorado to ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad.
The thriving mining towns of Georgetown and Silver Plume lie two miles apart in a steep, narrow mountain canyon. To connect them, the railroad’s builders designed a “corkscrew” route that traveled twice the distance, slowly gaining more than 600 feet in elevation. It included horseshoe curves, grades of up to 4%, and four bridges across Clear Creek, including the massive Devil’s Gate High Bridge. A wonderful way to view the fall colors, we hear.

Beautiful Flowers in the Neighborhood
Lovely autumn flowers

This is such a nice time of year. The winds are blowing and the air has a crisp coolness to it. The sounds of the wind chimes can be heard throughout the yard. I just love that sound, something about it brings a little peace to my day.

I also received from a friend of ours a wonderful recipe for refrigerator pickles. They stayed nice and crisp, with just the perfect combination of spices. Ready to eat in 24 hours and stays good in the refrigerator, unopened, for about 4 months.


I’m going down the other side
Of the mountain we call “time”
It’s been a lovely journey,
But I’m weary from the climb.


A young, new preacher was walking with an older,
more seasoned preacher in the garden one day and feeling a bit insecure about what God had for him to do.


He listens intently to the sounds of the evening,
The old milk cow’s bawl and the sheep bleating,
They loudly protest being locked in for the night,

Recipes Below

Becca’s Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe.
The cheese melts beautifully, giving this 30-minute broccoli and cheese soup a smooth texture and mild flavor.


Steven’s Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe.
Break out the crockpot to make a batch of this apple butter harvest favorite.


Thought for Today –

Sometimes we get so obsessed with winning that we forget that letting someone else take the glory is a sign of Greatness.


Hot Salsa Time

Happy Harvesting, Steven and Becca

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Betty Jo Malone and her Dahlias

I have a girl friend that grows the most beautiful dahlia garden. We were invited over to share in the beauty and take a few photos.  The day was sunny with just a slight breeze. Makes it a bit harder to get the perfect shots when the flowers will not stand still. There were dinner plate sized flowers all the way down to what they call the u2, which is a tiny flower under 2 inches.

We have several shows here in the valley each year, where they compete for different categories. You can enter an individual flower that you have grown or a flower arrangement. The emphasis for the arrangements is how unique you can make them, and what themes you can come up with. This year she borrowed a few of our pottery pieces to incorporate into the arrangements, hoping to win the ribbon.

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