DeerLake Weekly Letter, Frog and the Gift of Music

   The grass is growing and it’s time to break out the lawn mower for the year. Didn’t have to worry too much about grass the last couple of years, since we had the geese that would eat it down. No geese this year. Going for baby chicks instead. It’s time to replenish our laying hens. This year was a tough one on the hens, for some reason they just did not fair all that well. They went into their yearly molt and only half of them really started laying again. Getting old I suppose. Hope to keep 9 Black Star and one Anaconda for new laying hens. Also will raise up 20 more chickens for eating.

  We have just received photos of the Grand daughters getting ready for their proms and military balls with their young men, they look so grownup and beautiful. Time goes by so fast. I didn’t think we were getting that old. We are lucky and blessed to have healthy grandkids, so proud of all three.

  Figuring out that we love strawberries and blueberries in our morning smoothies, so we planted a lot more. Now we need a larger freezer. Also got one of those FoodSaver that sucks the air-out when sealing. Works pretty cool. I’m thinking we could probably grow two years worth of potatoes this year. Freeze up the first years potatoes in regular freezer bags and FoodSaver the rest. Last year, we sliced half of the potatoes and mashed the other half, then froze them all. It worked pretty good, wasn’t sure how it would work with having mashed potatoes but we liked the frozen mashed best. To-cook you just drop the frozen mashed potatoes into a pan with a little milk and simmer, stirring until they are completely mixed together. The FoodSaver says that freezer food will last twice as long. Who knew!

“I see you have a guardian angel with you.”

We asked why she would make such a comment, and were informed that the frogs were a gift.


Poetry By Ken, Paradise Waits.

Beyond stars past time’s bounds
Is a grand land where joy sounds
At a great shining city by the sea
Is God’s promise for you and me.


Gift of Music.

Great hymns throughout the ages
Have stirred our very being.
They’ve lifted up our spirits
Inviting us to sing


Recipes Below

Becca’s Spinach Ravioli with Stir Fry Recipe.


Steven’s Rhubarb Upside Down Cake Recipe.


Thought for Today –

With each day-going-by hope is reborn, dreams come true and a little step is taken toward happiness.
May this May be unbelievably exceptional, amazingly colorful and filled with joy, laughter and love.


Time to Plant the Garden, Steven and Becca


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