Fallen Bowl, Day 6

Bowl was too thin and collapsed
Too Thin Bowl, it Collapsed.

This is what happens when you are trying to hard to make a large thin bowl. It is almost impossible to through a large thin piece of pottery.
I was trying to make a large serving bowl and when I tried to lay it out there was not enough clay to stretch that far.

I trimmed the top off and smoothed it out, we shall see what I can make out of this when it gets a bit drier, and I can work with it more.

The too thin bowl after I trimmed it.
After the trim.
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2 thoughts on “Fallen Bowl, Day 6”

  1. Louise,

    We do sell our pottery. We have a shop here locally that takes it on consignment.
    Until recent, we have been giving it away to all our friends and family. However they have all just about reached their limit of pottery. It is time to find other outlets.

  2. That’s ok montanna girl like you said try, again. Your vase with the blue design is beautiful. montanna is so beautiful ! are you planning to sell your beautiful pottery?

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