Day 2, 40 Day Challenge

Today before heading out to the pottery studio, I started a batch of homemade oatmeal honey bread and turned on the playoffs game between New England and Denver. My enthusiasm gets a bit lost once my team (Seahawks) is out of the playoffs. But I was a trooper and joined my husband watching the first half anyway.

Throwing an Ice cream sundae dish.
Throwing an Ice cream sundae dish.
Ice Cream Sundae Dish on the Pottery Whieel
Ice Cream Dish

To my luck, our Granddaughter Destiny came over to play in the studio with me today. She hasn’t really spent much time on the pottery wheel.  Her main interest has always been glazing them after the bisque firing.

She wanted to try her hand at throwing a soup bowl.  After two trys she got a close facsimile. Than I took a turn and threw an ice cream sundae dish.

It’s crazy how some are drawn to getting their hands in the mud. While others would just like to spend their time painting.

There is nothing more relaxing to me then turning on the music and sitting down at the wheel and getting my hands in the mud. The time seems to disappear.  It is more than just throwning a piece. You have to go back after letting it dry for a couple hours and trim it, clean and cut it loose from the throwning bat. If it is allowed to dry on the bat it will crack.

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