DeerLake Weekly Letter, It's Jim, Checking In and Independence Day.

   Thousands of years ago the very glaciers that carved the knife ridges and sharp craggy peaks in the Montana Rocky Mountains, pushed their way down the Flathead Valley. And when they retreated, they left behind quite a gift. Flathead Lake is a sprawling blue jewel at the base of the Swan and Mission ranges. It covers nearly 200 square miles, has more than 160 miles of shoreline and reaches a depth of 370 feet. But numbers alone can’t begin to describe its beauty or describe the childlike wonder you’ll feel when you first dip your toes into its cool, clear water.

  If you’re trip brings you to Montana for Independence Day, you’ll definitely want to cruise around the Flathead lake. Many of the towns have parades and celebrations and Lakeside puts on one of the best fireworks displays in the state. For a special treat, rent a boat and see fireworks from the water.

  It’s shaping up to be a hot summer, lets all make sure our pets have shade and plenty of water. Be sure to check up on the elderly also, keep as cool as you can. My sweet Mommy lives in San Diego, perfect weather year around. If it gets too hot here, you know where we’ll be heading.

His shirt was kinda shabby
and his coat was worn and frayed,
the man knelt, he bowed his head,
then rose and walked away.


When the summer sun melts me to a puddle
Around sweet frozen ice cream I will cuddle.


The 4th of July.

They longed for independence
they knew to be their right.
To reach this goal they realized
that they would soon have to fight.


Independence Day.

How can we forget
what those settlers gave;
“Land of the Free”—
“Home of the Brave?”


Recipes Below

Steven’s Almond Sugar Cookie Recipe.
If you leave them set out after cooking, like we did, they get hard. Be sure to put them in an air tight container when they cool down.


Becca’s Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes Recipe.
What could be more inviting then these easy to make, cool and delicious mini cheesecakes.
Perfect treats for those 4th of July parties.


Thought for Today,

Sometimes I just want
someone to hug me and say,
“I know it’s hard. You’re going
to be okay. Here is some chocolate
and 6 million dollars.”


Staying Cool, Steven and Becca


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